ph. Silvia Rivoltella

In 2019, DIOR unveiled 14 highly exclusive creations designed by DIMORESTUDIO at the splendid Casa Degli Atellani in Milan, on the occasion of Milan Design Week.

Available exclusively by special order – for a one-year period – the exceptional collection spans vases, trays, a candelabra, a lighter and an ashtray, place-settings, frames and an umbrella stand.

Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci had “carte blanche” to imagine the sublime home objects, which revisit Christian Dior’s passion for the 18th century in a contemporary way.  The precious pieces combine the virtuoso alloying of different metals (gold, silver and bronze) with the interplay of Plexiglas and natural woven rattan celebrating cannage, the House of Dior’s iconic code. Echoing the Napoleon III-style chairs Monsieur Dior used for seating guests at his fashion shows, this material is one of the motifs that punctuate this collection, along with sophisticated silver-leaf work and golden nuances – gold being the House’s signature color and metal.

In each setting, the custom-designed décor played on illusion and trompe-l’oeil effects: a graphic theater dominated by black in which outlines of paintings and plants were etched in white chalk, mingling with real objects, among them pieces from Dimoremilano’s furniture offering.

The collaboration with Dior illustrates an alchemy of excellence in savoir-faire, a certain French art-de-vivre and Dimorestudio’s impeccable signature.