The hospitality project by Dimorestudio for The Arts Club in Dubai, in ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC, spans the interiors, terraces, and rooftop of its 65,000 square foot clubhouse.
The Studio led the design of the Club’s four floors encompassing a variety of members’ lounges, private dining rooms, meeting rooms, aimed to realise a vision of a multifaceted, luxurious and grand spaces for discerning Members and their guests.

Dimorestudio’s affinity for bold, unexpected, colour-saturated designs, is evident throughout, with each of the four floors intended to evoke a different identity and mood, and each room distinct one from another.
All coming together through shared detailing, drawing from the architectural design of the building itself, complemented by beautiful frames, rich colours, vibrant and dense hues, and precious materials. Sumptuous fabrics cascade throughout, adding layers of luxurious comfort. Rooms vary in size with grander lounges and restaurants for entertaining and socialising, and smaller more intimate spaces for discreet business meetings or quiet contemplation.

The furniture is a sophisticated mix that spans eras; from historical pieces to custom-made contemporary furnishings designed by Dimorestudio itself, as well as others sourced from the Dimoremilano collection. Select wallpapers have also been designed by Dimorestudio and developed by some of the world’s most formidable names in interior suppliers.

The Club’s design is the ultimate blend of the past and present, a perfect push and pull of contemporary and classic, forging together to set a decadent scene.

ph. Ingrid Rasmussen