Dimorestudio presents the design for the new Langosteria Cucina, The Langosteria Group’s new fine dining restaurant concept in the buzzy district of Milan’s Via Savona. The project gives life to an intimate and welcoming space, an opportunity to experience the elegance and tradition of an Italian home.
Inspired by the design in the 1970s infused with Japanese influences, the project bears the imprint of Dimorestudio and reflects an intimate, homely, yet sophisticated appeal. The bar rests in the centre of the room with a three-metre, green marble counter surmounted by a vintage glass and brass lamp with fringing. Ambient lighting is created by a unique light sculpture on the ceiling and the walls are adorned with the vintage lamps from the Galleria Wall Light collection by Ignazio Gardella. The warm beige and light sand tones of the colour palette contribute to this comforting environment. The kitchen is integrated within the restaurant yet is hidden by a central structure of black lacquered rod covered in silver leaf, resembling bamboo canes.
“We wanted to convey an intimate, domestic feeling to the project, creating a space that people wouldn’t normally expect in a restaurant.” Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran.
ph. Paola Pansini