The selection of Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of Dimorestudio was a considered choice as they wanted to conserve the heritage of the building, creating a strong dialogue between past and present, thanks to the use of iconic objects designed by famous historical designers, along with other salvaged pieces and newly designed custom made furniture.

Guests are greeted with large sofas (design Dimorestudio), refined black and white marble flooring, which follows a traditional French design that sit alongside walls dusted with pink tones and deep, rich velvets.
The space has been carefully decorated, furnished with small round glass and metal tables and a console in rich wood with the structural base in brass (design Dimorestudio). The lighting creates an intimate and refined atmosphere by using lamos by Fontana Arte and wall sconces (design Dimorestudio).

The route through the hotel continues into a large room with graphic lines inspired by Art Deco, which is specifically used for breakfast and as a space to relax. Suspended lighting fixtures in glossy white glass and brass (design Dimorestudio) are placed above every table, diffusing the light and animating the space by creating an intimate atmosphere. Large glass doors open onto a newly created patio. The flooring used along with the black and white graphic design for the walls references the Buren Columns of Palais Royal, creating a decisively Parisian atmosphere.

On every floor, corridors leading to the rooms have pink walls and a thick carpet with a powerful design, decorated luxuriously with multicoloured palms, (design Dimorestudio) creating a strong visual experience for guests.
The design here creates a strong elegance thanks to the combination of rich materials, a soft and deep range of colours and graphic lines inspired by the Art Deco period.

ph. Philippe Servent