Dimorestudio collaborated with Clos 19, LVMH’s online lifestyle retail platform for its Champagnes, Wines & Spirits group, designing a limited edition Bar Cart for the brand. The Bar Cart is simultaneously a unique and stand-alone piece of contemporary design furniture and a beautiful way to enhance at home hosting.

It is inspired by the 1960s and the masters of 1960s design. Its fluid lines and elegant materials wink at both French and Italian modern design, while still preserving a contemporary allure that is vibrant and playful. Made of glossy lacquered wood and polished brass, it has revolving bases with internal shelves at the side for glassware and standing spirits and a central storage section for glassware, ice buckets, mixology accessories and further bottles. The Bar Cart has concealed wheels for mobility and is slightly taller than many bar carts so that it can also be used as a bar from which to serve, rather than just a storage unit for glasses and bottles. Dark brown wood, gold-hued brass and deep dark blue define the colour chart of the piece.

“We were excited to work with Clos 19 on this collaboration as it is the first piece of bar that we have designed expressly for hosting at home. Clos 19 gave us some technical requirements in terms of its functionalities but carte blanche in terms of the aesthetic and creative. Our inspiration for the piece started by referencing the 1960s and then conceptualising the kind of mood that we wanted the piece to reflect. From there, it developed into a unique, recognizably Dimorestudio product which is twisted with our own contemporary language.” – Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci.  

Ph. Marco Cappelletti