Milan Design Week 2022 Dimorestudio, the international architectural and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci e Britt Moran in 2003, unveils the design concept of Galateo, a journey into conviviality by Buccellati. The project is aimed to relaunch Buccellati’s signature silver tableware collections, through an exhibition that reinterprets four important lines – Tahiti, Doge, Caviar, Riccio – under the creative direction of four international interior firms. Different perspectives of the table and the concept of conviviality are showcased through a storytelling that unites the values of Buccellati’s Italian heritage with contemporary styles of living.

Dimorestudio selected the stunning Doge collection and transported it into a sophisticated dining room of an apartment from the 1970s. Monochromatic shades, like intense purple/aubergine and warm browns for the architectural box and décor elements, convey an intimate look into the ambiance. A soft-electronic music accompanies the visitors in the discovery of the set-up. The focal point of the room is the limited-edition dining table which is a one-of-a-kind design created by Emiliano Salci for Dimorestudio, with an oval top in lacquered wood  and a built-in basin in polished gold-plated brass, showcasing Buccellati’s Doge historical silverware collection in a non-rigorous convivial setting.