Dimorestudio led the design of Browns Brook Street in London to create an environment that retains the historical fabric whilst conveying the new vision established by Browns. Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, founders of Dimorestudio said, “We have delved into creating a space where the essential and clean line structures are juxtaposed to the existing fixtures. We were influenced by the artists Donald Judd, Carl Andre and Fausto Melotti. Thus, the metallic hanging structures in steel and iron reflecting on the black floor tiles. Custom designed and handmade wallpaper depicting faded floral Victorian patterns contrast with the essential, clean cut lines of the furnishing and lights, such as the neon lamps by Eileen Gray, the Elettra chairs by Arflex and the Gino Sarfatti lamps with exposed bulbs. We wished to convey a contemporary, unfinished, and slightly minimalistic feel.” These intentional design choices which restore original features are paired with unexpected modernity; the space has been treated as a maison, utilising the central staircase and interconnected rooms to create rich and layered spaces lit with Dimorestudio-designed fixtures. Original floorboards are contrasted with monolithic modern structures, whilst exquisite hand-painted wallpapers preserve the colour and pattern of the original site. Moran and Salci continued, “Colour wise, we span from the gold of the painted bannister, with touches of paint on the wood steps, to the silver of the steel, and the black of the iron painted structures.”

Ph. Boz Gagovski