ph. Silvia Rivoltella

During Milan Design Week, in addition to being present throughout the Interstellar exhibition, the new Dimoremilano fabric collection was displayed in a sequence of small rooms. On the walls, photos by Andrea Ferrari shot in various Milanese locations blurring past and present – and part of the new Progetto Tessuti catalogue – emphasized the sophistication and the variety of geometric forms and fantasies, from printed jacquard to plain colored fabrics, and the rich tridimensional effects of the firm’s textile offering.

Entitled “Collazione sull’Erba”, the body of work and artistic portfolio conceived by the photographer is a tribute to Italian master Luigi Ghirri. Starting with a wistful text written by Ilaria Speri at the entrance, the contemplative imagery was accompanied by samples of the fabrics seen in the photos, showcased through special platforms and displays.

As an emotional journey centered on the beauty of patterns and juxtapositions, the mind-blowing aesthetics of the works transported visitors to a poetic outburst of contrasts, geometries and stories.