Production Director



The Production Director will be responsible to spearhead Dimoremilano and will be responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of Dimoremilano’s product processes. The main objective of the person in this role will be that production processes run reliably and efficiently.


  • Plans and organises production schedules.
  • Assesses the orders and resources the requirements.
  • Estimates, negotiates and agrees budgets and timescales with business partners.
  • Determines quality control standards.
  • Oversees production processes.
  • Re-negotiates timescales or schedules as necessary.
  • Improves the product in terms of technical engineering ensuring asthetics, lead times and production costs.
  • Is capable of leading both his/her team as well as suppliers in reaching the final objective in a timely manner.
  • Supplier management.
  • Builds an effective team and the appropriate infrastructure to support the growth of the business.
  • Participates in the selection, training and development own line reports.
  • Continually evaluates the performance of each line report and provides constant feedback to drive improved results.
  • Manages change.
  • Looks for opportunities to enhance efficiency.
  • Proficient in free-hand drawing, AutoCad, Rhino.



Partners with internal colleagues to address business challenges and understands the need to work well with others to beat the competition.


Adapts communication style, tools and approach to meet the needs of different audiences and levels in the organization.

Responds to queries/issues in a timely manner.

 Team development:

Provides growth opportunities, feedback and coaching to develop employees.

Drives Results: 

Leads self and others in setting and attaining goals within a continually evolving environment. Overcomes obstacles and takes responsibility for outcomes.

Planning & Organisational skills:

Sets priorities according to workload, is able to multi-task, and consistently meet deadlines.


Makes things happen for the business using out-of-the box thinking and a willingness to take risks.  Continually looks for ways to innovate or take existing products, processes and services to a new level.


Demonstrates awareness and accountability for expense control and department spending. Makes financially responsible decisions, while upholding the brand image, identity, and integrity

Functional Skills:

Applies up-to-date professional and technical knowledge and expertise to business problems.

Hire & Staff:

Identifies, selects and on-boards talent that meets business needs and embraces the Dimore Studio culture.

 Professionalism & attention to detail:

Stays on top of all business affairs and ensures everything is working in an impeccable manner.